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NJHS y NHS con el Banco de Alimentos

Our NJHS and NHS students received the Director of the Querétaro Food Bank, Ángela Quintana, to hear the importance of generating a culture of non-waste and social responsibility, to combat hunger in our state. The Food Bank rescues more than 200 tons of food per month and distributes weekly food supplies to rural and urban communities, to institutions such as homes, nursing homes, annexes, and to people who, due to their health status, do not have the opportunity for a job and need to be supported with food. They currently serve 14,583 people and JFK is one of the schools that contributes to this cause. We invite you to our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive, donating non-perishable foods such as rice, beans and sugar, with members of NHS and NJHS or at the guard entrance. ------------------------------------------- Nuestros estudiantes de NJHS y NHS, recibieron a la Directora del Banco de Alimentos de Querétaro, Ángela Quintana, para escuchar la importancia de generar una cultura de

Second recertification of JFk as an Eco School by the FEE

On October 26, JFK, The American School of Queretaro, received certification as an Eco School from the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) for the second consecutive year. This great achievement recognizes the work of our entire community to care for the environment. especially by the Eco Club. Marlene Cruz, Coordinator of the Environmental Program and Eco Club, explains: “Recertifying us as a green school at an international level has been an excellent achievement for the JFK. This is all thanks to the incredible effort made by the students, staff, teachers, parents, and directors. Without a doubt, we are on the right track by further strengthening our actions in favor of the environment. It is exciting to see that every day there are more children enrolled in the eco club with a significant commitment and respect for the environment. The Eco Club experience is an opportunity to learn more about the environment, to improve our consumption habits, to be more aware of the i

Service Learning in Math class / Aprendizaje Servicio en la clase de Matemáticas

Our students in 10th grade were able to design a project for Service Learning in math class with Miss Lulú. This was done to challenge them using their knowledge of math, they made board games classified into three different levels of difficulty to share them with students in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade in the Middle School Juan Pablo II. The event was presented as a “math fair”, where they could actively show their creativity, cooperation, and enthusiasm when sharing and learning with other students, in an academic environment as well as trustworthy as equals. Will share with you a few reflections from our students: The Math fair was an activity I thought of as very fun and to learn, because both of us benefited. We showed skills like patience, teaching, and communication. I enjoyed this opportunity to get along with the kids and leave behind the beautiful feeling of watching how other students got excited about the games. Daniela Lima I really liked this activity because it took on a dif

Why don’t’ kids report bullying? Five Reasons Why and What Adults Can Do About It

There’s good evidence that young people often don’t report bullying to adults. Children are adept at hiding bullying-related behaviors and the unequal “shadow” power dynamics that can exist among them. Because of this secrecy, adults underestimate the seriousness and extent of bullying at their schools. Schools cannot help if children don’t entrust them with information. So why don’t children report bullying? Research Shows That Adults Rarely Intervene There’s a catch-22: Students don’t tell because they don’t see adults helping, but adults can’t help if students don’t tell them what is going on in their peer groups. The perception that adults don’t act may lead students to conclude that adults don’t care, or that there are different standards for adults’ behavior than for young people’s. In the workplace, shoving co-workers in the hallway would not be tolerated. Yet many adults believe that young people need to “work out” bullying problems like these on their own. This belief

Resultados ASOMEX natación 2023 en el Colegio Americano de Torreón

 Our school JFK Querétaro was represented with 6 students in the swimming competition held October 20-22 with the following results. Lina Zenteno  2nd in the category 7 and 8 years won in this competition a total of 8 medals. Gold medals in 25 mts. Free, 50 mts. free, 50 mts. backstroke, 25 mts. butterfly and 100 mts. combined individual. Silver medal in 25 mts. breaststroke. Bronze medal in 25 mts. Backstroke and in 4 x 25 mts. combined relay. Regina Solís 9th in the 15- and 16-years old category won a total of 11 medals in this competition. Gold medals in 50 mts. Free, 100 mts. free, 200 mts. free, 50 mts. backstroke, 100 mts. backstroke, 50 mts. breaststroke, 50 mts. butterfly, 100 mts. butterfly and 200 mts. individual combined. Silver medal in 4 x 50 mts. free relay.  Bronze medal in 4 x 50 mts. combined relay. Nicolas Jaime 5th in the category 9 and 10 years won in this competition a total of 10 medals. Gold medals in 25 mts. Free, 50 mts. free, 100 mts. free, 25 mt

LMC Talk for Personal Project Students

The LMC has organized and imparted the talk How to Tackle my Personal Project Research for HS students of Year 10 who are going through the process of developing their Personal Project. The Personal Project formally assesses students’ approaches to learning skills for self-management, research, communication and critical thinking. Students explore an area of personal interest over an extended period in which they will develop important skills they will need in both further education and life beyond the classroom. The Library provides support, guidance and advice on research skills and approaches through a variety of resources and informative talks. Throughout the duration of the project, the Library aids in keeping students on track and orientates them regarding their background and ongoing reading. The Library also offers ample instruction about digital platforms of the school library and external sources to aid students in their research process. It also guides students in best

JFK's Union & Peace XV Edition

 On Friday, October 20th and Saturday, October 21st, sixteen schools from Middle School and High Schools all over Mexico attended JFK's Union & Peace XV.  This Model UN event was a success! Middle and high school participants engage in high quality debate with original, wide-ranging topics and committees according to the values of our school: respect, responsibility, and honesty. The event is devoted to providing opportunities for students to develop the knowledge, skills, commitment and passion necessary to solve the world’s problems through universal human values.  Our motto this year was "One humanity, one future." This topic helped student organizers, delegates, and participating schools to consider our current situation as a way to involve everyone in promoting unity as we look towards the future. Our guest speaker, Enrique Correa Sada, currently Diputado Local for the Third District, of the Grupo Legislativo PAN, in Queretaro state’s LX Legislature, spoke to u

Educando deportistas en casa/Educating Athletes at Home

The Sports Department, with the intention of providing more and better tools to the parents of our student athletes, designed the talk "Educating Athletes at Home". With the objective of generating awareness about the importance of stimulating, encouraging an participating in the cultivation of mental and emotional balance un their children in relation to sports practice.   The topics reviewed were: Fundamentals of the mind and brain in children and adolescents Stimulating resilience, responsibility, will and confidence in children and adolescents Building trust in the process The role of attention in performance and well-being How to establish a constructive dialogue with developing athletes Outcome or Performance? How to evaluate the progress of developing athletes Educating Champions. Thank you to the 55 parents who attednded this talk. ---------------------------------------------------------  El departamento de Sports, con la intención de brindar má

Tri-Association Conference 2023 in Bogotá, Colombia: A Resounding Success

The Tri-Association Conference of 2023, held in the vibrant city of Bogotá, Colombia, was a resounding success, bringing together educators, administrators, and leaders in the international education community from across the Americas. This annual event, jointly organized by the Association of American Schools of Mexico, Central America, Colombia and the Caribbean, (Tri-Association), offered a unique platform for networking, collaboration, and professional development. The conference, held from October 10th to October 14th, attracted attendees from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. With a theme centered around "Exceptional Learning in Exceptional Times" the event aimed to address the most pressing issues in education, fostering a sense of inclusivity and progressive thinking. Keynote speakers, including renowned educators such as Myron Dueck and Douglas Fisher, researchers, and industry experts, delivered insightful presentations that challenged traditional education p