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Congratulations to our JFK Middle MUN delegates who participated in our latest MUN event at Colegio Bosques.  We are proud of all of you!  Special recognition goes to our students who won awards: Best Delegates Ignacio Olea, Sophia Strayer, and Juan Pablo Aguirre, Honorable Mention, Miranda Hernandez, and Outstanding Delegate, Bruno Lastra.   Camille Casses, Middle School Principal  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------  Felicidades a nuestros alumnos delegados de JFK Middle MUN que participaron en el último evento MUN en el Colegio Bosques. ¡Estamos orgullosos de todos ustedes! Un reconocimiento especial a nuestros alumnos ganadores de premios: Mejores Delegados Ignacio Olea, Sophia Strayer y Juan Pablo Aguirre, Mención Honorífica, Miranda Hernández y Delegado Destacado, Bruno Lastra. Camille Casses, Directora de Middle School  

Jaguars in Sports: Basketball, Athletics and Cheerleaders

Boy's Basketball 2012-2013 Students from 2nd to 4th grade who make up the boy's basketball team participated in the ASOMEX in the children's category, remembering that in this category all participants are rewarded if they determine places according to sports results, but we want to congratulate this team that. In addition to being their first participation in ASOMEX, they were awarded the Sportsmanship Spirit trophy, highlighting the appropriate behavior of students, staff and parents who congratulated each of them. Cheerleaders Our cheer teams had an excellent participation in the Regional Championship of the National Cheer Organization where the majority of participating teams were dance academies or clubs and in this experience they had an incredible time in addition to showing the great sporting progress that each of the teams have. students, our results were: 3rd place for our 1st and 2nd team 2nd Place for our 3rd and 4th team Congratulations to each of the

Unit 5: Human beings develop strategies and/or mechanisms to adapt and thrive

In grade 4, we are starting our unit How the World Works with the central idea:  "Human beings develop strategies and/or mechanisms to adapt and thrive." At the beginning of each unit, teachers work on a provocation with the class in order to present the unit. During this week’s provocation, our team of 4th grade teachers invited students into the unit where they will inquire into the G.R.A.P.E.S.: Geography, Religion, Achievements, Politics, Economy, Social Structures of a variety of Ancient Civilizations. We look forward to seeing how they grow their knowledge, understanding, and skills throughout this unit as they prepare to invite their parents to their museum in May to demonstrate their learning. ------------------------------------------  Unidad 5: "Los seres humanos desarrollan estrategias y/o mecanismos para adaptarse y prosperar". En cuarto grado, estamos comenzando nuestra unidad de Cómo funciona el mundo con la idea central: "Los seres humanos

Day of reforestation and delivery of food supplies in the El Obraje community

Last Saturday, March 9, our high school students joined the families of “El Obraje” community for a special day of reforestation. They began the day with a group dynamic called “Fallen Tree,” designed to reflect on our actions and their impact on the environment. During the day, they worked as a team to plant 20 trees in the area, involving children and adults from the community. This experience not only contributes to caring for the environment, but also fosters collaboration and a sense of shared responsibility. As a gesture of recognition for their effort and dedication, the families were given a food pantry at the end of the activity. The 50 pantries were donated by H-E-B. We firmly believe that these types of initiatives strengthen community ties and enrich service experiences, making them even more meaningful for everyone involved. Verónica Díaz, CAS Coordinator -------------------------------------------------------------------------- El pasado sábado 9 de marzo, nuestros al

Bike-a-thon 2024

On Sunday, March 10, our annual "Bike-a-thon" event in support of the Querétaro Food Bank took place, organized with dedication by the National Honor Society students of High School.  It was an event full of joy and participation where children, youth, teachers, and parents joined together for the same purpose.  Each participant sought sponsors willing to contribute a voluntary donation for each lap on the bike or running on our track. We are deeply moved to see the unity, solidarity, enthusiasm, and human quality of all those who make this event possible.  Thanks to the joint effort, we managed to raise nearly $23,000. This achievement shows the collaborative and generous spirit that characterizes our community.  Thank you very much! Verónica Díaz, CAS Coordinator ----------------------------------------------- El domingo 10 de marzo se llevó a cabo nuestro evento anual "Bikeathon" a favor del Banco de Alimentos de Querétaro, organizado con dedicación por l

Alumni Stories: Max Wenstein, Gen 23

"What I have loved most about my experience at the University of Toronto is the opportunity to work in a truly cosmopolitan environment where I have had the privilege of sharing a classroom with some of the brightest minds of our generation. My IB subjects me have provided superior preparation than many of my local colleagues.” Maximiliano Wenstein, Gen 23 Aerospace Engineering Student, University of Toronto ----------------------------------------- "Lo que más me ha gustado de mi experiencia en la Universidad de Toronto es la oportunidad de trabajar en un ambiente verdaderamente cosmopolita en donde he tenido el privilegio de compartir un aula con algunas de las mentes más brillantes de nuestra generación. Mis materias IB me han brindado una preparación superior a la de muchos de mis compañeros locales". Maximiliano Wenstein, Gen 23 Estudiante de Ingeniería Aeroespacial, Universidad de Toronto